Whose working on your roof?

Read:  Philippians 1:1-30

Meditation:  Philippians 1:5-9

Quote of the day:  “Being confident of this very thing that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

The Story:  “Yeah Mike I just don’t think I can afford to do it at that price.  I think I’m gonna go with the other guys.”  These were Dave’s famous last words.  Mike was my boss, a professional roofer.  He took pride in his work.  He never cut corners and in 20 years of roofing he never had a call back to fix anything.  Mike didn’t overcharge people and he was offended when people turned his business down because of money.  Mike was the best roofer at the cheapest price.  I had to listen to hours of Mike talk about how stupid Dave was for going with the “other guys.”  I guess I didn’t mind it too much because Mike was right.  With his work you wouldn’t go wrong. 

Several weeks went by and I remember one cold winter morning I met Mike with a smile on his face.  “Hey remember Dave.”  (How could I forget)?  “Dave called me last night.  His roof leaked so bad that the new cabinets he put in the kitchen for his wife were destroyed along with most of the drywall in the kitchen.” 

 The Step:  It’s not hard to see the damage that Dave did to himself because he let the wrong person work on his house.  But what if we let the wrong person work in our lives?  God is doing a work in us if we will let Him.  Don’t sell out to the workmanship of bad friends or other negative influences.  God is going to complete the work he has started in you.  Let Him have his way.