Bill O’Reilly afraid of Atheist?

Bill Oreilly faces off with Richard Dawkins


Science, Please Stick with Observable Facts.

Modern Science has positioned itself as the reigning authority of the observable.   I am willing to permit them this authority as long as they are willing to extend faith in God and the Bible equal authority of the unobservable.

The origin of the universe is unobservable.

Atheist have no answer to the origin of the universe.  Consider that things that exists must come into existence at some point.  There are only two possibilities of the origin of the universe.

1.  It has been in infinite existence having no beginning.  This would contradict the second law of thermodynamics.  This law deals with entropy.  The fact that the universe is going from a higher amount of complex energy to a lesser amount of inferior energy.

2.  The universe had a starting point.  The problem with this is atheist have no explanation for this starting point.  Each version of the evolutionary origin of the universe begins with matter already in existence.  Where the matter came from is a “matter” of faith.

Because the origin of the universe is not answered by science nor can the progression of “evolution”  be observed by science.  We can choose to make up an origin much the same way our parents told fairy tales before bed.  Or we can trust God’s word and believe the Bible’s account of the beginning.

I think the Bible should be the authority of the unobservable.  Let’s limit science to the things it can observe.

Pensacola Christian College seeks National Accreditation!

I am very excited about this.  Glad to see it’s official.  Thank you Dr. Burrell for alerting me:

In a development that I can only describe as extremely surprising, Pensacola Christian College has announced today that they will be seeking Accreditation with the Transnational Association of Colleges and Schools read full article here


Get Vaccinated Against God?

This video certainly chooses its moments.  Unfortunately the good that has been accomplished by Christianity throughout the world is completely ignored.  Many literal vaccines that have saved children from real disease have been administered in the name of Jesus and as a result of Christian Charity.  This video seems to miss all of that.

Who Says so? A difficult question for the Atheist



One of the most difficult questions for an atheist to answer is, “who says so?” When it comes to deciding morality atheism has no leg to stand on.  While most organized religions have a sacred book to guide them the atheist has no point of reference for right and wrong.

Lying, stealing, killing, cheating, covetousness and additional social “evils” are forbidden within the pages of scripture.  But what about an atheist?

The atheist can not appeal to a higher authority as a source for morality.  Steal from an atheist.  He will think it is wrong.  But ask him why stealing is wrong and you will have a problem.  His best answer will be because I said so.  The only appeal can be from within because there is no higher authority.  Atheistic reasoning has no concrete morality to appeal to.  It has no sacred book or deity.

The founding fathers understood that morality is a result of creation.  In the Declaration of Independence we find their admission that  “We are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights.”

Consider the social consequences of individual people deciding morality.  It would be impossible to function as a society.  This is why to progress as people Faith in God’s word is essential.  Who says so?  Certainly not me.  “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”  –God (Hebrews 11:6)

Leading Atheist Stumped

“The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity.” -Richard Dawkins
To start a week of apologetics here at Don’t Step on a Tomato I invite you to watch Richard Dawkins “explain” the fact there is no current evidence of positive Evolutionary mutations.

Richard Dawkins is a famous atheist and author of The God Delusion.  His “explanation” to this question leaves him speechless, literally.

Check back each day this week for more videos and articles on Apologetics!

Apologetics Week on DSOAT

This past Sunday I was privileged to hear my former boss, Dan Burrell, preach.  Beyond a personal friend and mentor Dan is a thinking Christ-follower who is passionate and gifted at impacting this generation with a world view that is Biblical.  There are few people who have enriched my life the way Dan has.  He is a teacher, preacher, administrator, mentor, and educator who has had a fruitful ministry as a Father, Pastor, and Professor.  It’s difficult to succeed at just one of these and Dan has been outstanding at all of them.  You can visit Dan’s blog at I am excited for Dan as he has recently accepted a position as the executive pastor at Life Fellowship Church.

Life Fellowship’s Senior pastor Dr. Bobby Conway is known as the one minute apologist.  He has a you tube channel and some graphically cool videos on apologetics.  Not sure he has the one minute thing down yet but the graphics are sweet!  Having visited Life Fellowship I was inspired to spend a week of blog articles dedicated to apologetics.

I invite you to stick around for videos and articles on apologetics and to watch some of Dr. Conway’s videos here.