Tomato Stepping?

The Scoop: Step on a Tomato

Have you heard the newest craze?  Evidently simply stepping on a tomato has been found to dramatically produce successful life changes.  All you have to do is lift your foot and push down on a tomato!  A daily foot squash of the fruit/vegetable will have diverse results of success.  Finally you can throw away self-help books your success is guaranteed by a single step… on a tomato.

Ludicrous.!?  (Not talking about the singer.) Yes.  Tomato stepping for success is ludicrous.  Unfortunately I have found myself using gimmicks for success while THE book for life’s success remains on the shelf.  Don’t step on a Tomato is some of life’s issues (everything from food to politics to going to the gym) attempting to be addressed from a Biblical perspective with a slant of creativity and an attempt at humor.

Maybe you wont’ agree.  Maybe you will.  I would love to get your thoughts, opinions, dissents, and maybe some encouragement along the way.  Join our community of readers, writers, commenters, truth seekers, life-lovers and thinkers as we Don’t Step ON A Tomato.

Tomatina festival in Bunyol near Valencia


  1. Ben Schettler, i love this story . its so funny your the best!

  2. I’d rather eat tomatoes thank you 🙂

    • LOL someone with a sense of humor. thanks word

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