For every person that died as a result of the production of nuclear energy 4000 have died producing coal.  This graph blew me away.  It did not blew me away because of my complete ignorance of the deaths as a result of nuclear power.  I know a lot about nuclear power and the deaths associated with it.  I was surprised because the facts had not been presented to me side by side.  I had only known part of the story.   I knew of the terrible effects of nuclear energies but did not know how dangerous coal or oil was in comparison.  The facts had been skewed by media hype and political agendas.

If I am not careful my spirituality and search for God can be redirected in the same way.  Books and messages form our perspective of God.  The problem is not that we learn less of God from books.  The problem is that we are getting one person’s limited perspective of God.




  1. Right on the mark. God can always mold us into what He wants better when we have a direct link to his Holy word rather than some other mans opinions.

  2. Please how do you get to his holey word?
    EVERYTHING has been written by other men.

    Also did you know that one of the main polluters of radioactive waste is coal power?

    • The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. Yes, God did use people to write His infallible word. I would encourage you to start reading in Matthew and go through the life of Jesus Christ and see what He has done for you and this wicked world. The reason I say this is through the reading and hearing of the word of God you will come to a point where you have to make a choice to accept or deny the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you choose to accept Him as your Savior(Believe that Christ was a perfect,spotless sacrifice that died on the cross for the sins of mankind and arose from the grave three days later to conquer death), repent (to turn away from) of your sin, ask Him to forgive you of your sins then your eyes will be open to the fact that yes men were used only for penmanship but the author is the Holy Spirit.

      • “…His infallible word. ”

        That word, I don’t think it means what You think it means.

        Genesis 1:25-27 (Humans were created after the other animals.)
        Genesis 2:18-19 (Humans were created before the other animals.)

        “…you will come to a point where you have to make a choice to accept or deny the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. ”

        Or you realize it’s just the Mythological tales of primitive bronze age nomads with no greater truth than any other Mythical beings in the past like Saturn, Odin, Heracles or unicorns.

        “your eyes will be open to the fact that yes men were used only for penmanship but the author is the Holy Spirit.”

        I’m glad you admit the stories in the bible are unbelievable and nonsensical unless you start with a belief they are true. There’s hope for you yet Cody.

  3. @ L Long.

    “Also did you know that one of the main polluters of radioactive waste is coal power?”

    Yes.The deaths from the radioactive byproducts of burning coal is folded into the measurement of Deaths per Watt caused by coal.

    • So since your not a believer how was everything in the earth and out of the earth created?

      • Not being terrified of the unknown I can state positively that….
        I don’t know! But that does not mean your particular myth is true.
        And I’m willing to bet you don’t know. ‘g0d did it’ is the same as sayingI don’t know.

  4. If you open the Holy Bible the very first verse in Genesis chapter 1 says ” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Thank you for answering my first question. Now since you clearly state that you are not terrified of the unknown please answer me this question. If you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell?

    • That is the exact same answer….Not being terrified of the unknown I can state positively that….
      I don’t know! But that does not mean your particular myth is true. And just cuz you BELIEVE it is true does not make it true to anyone else. BUT….
      Assuming the g0d you say is real and what I face then I would look him in the eye and await his decision to let me into his place or tell me to leave. I would accept that it is his place so he can or cannot allow me in as he sees fit. But I would NOT kiss his ass for if he did make me then he made me as I am so he will have to deal with it.
      BUT…. If this g0d is EXACTLY as described in your holey book then I want NO part of the psychotic spoiled 5yr-old, and I will voluntarily go to HELL which will be a better place with out IT being there.

      • If there is immediate danger pending you should be afraid. Not everything can be known. But ignoring a reality isn’t a more impressive state of mind it could be an ignorant oversight of the obvious.

        Billions of people believe in a Deity. Thinkers, intellectuals, world leaders and simple minded people alike. It would be wonderful to place yourself in an elite group of superior evolved section of humanity that has come to the light.

        It is humbling to admit that you need to believe in God for a resting place in Heaven for eternity. It takes faith. There is hope for you L.Long and I truly believe that despite the wrong that may have been done to you by people that coming to the love of God will be a life changing experience that will bring the true freedom and knowledge you search for.

      • So dsoat, belief in god is more like an insurance policy. The hard part must be picking a company that will pay off instead of declaring bankruptcy or using a loophole to deny your claim while chuckling on the way to the bank. To bad we cant get any reports from the people who tried to collect their claims. them being dead and all.

        If we’re ignoring some obvious oversight surely someone can demonstrate it without relying on circular logic and the blind acceptance of various faerie tales.

        Billions of people don’t believe in a deity. There’s a lot of Buddhists out there and somehow I don’t think you want to claim all the PolyTheists on your side either. Besides if you are going to use Argumentum ad populum and wish to sit in a elite group of people, when will you be converting to follow Islam? Ya know since it has more believers.

        It’s not humility. It’s the height of arrogance to think that of all the thousands of deities both now and from the past you have picked the right one. Declaring that you have selected the real truth and holding up your blind faith (ignorance) as some sort of evidence is pure pride and self importance. But then again your livelihood is based on it, believing in your product is your job.

  5. @ cody

    Do you always begin conversations with nonsensical things like the following? ” If you open the Holy Bible the very first verse…” If you were replying to a question about what the first thing that’s said in the bible I must have missed it.

    Just in case the quoting of random things is the beginning of a new conversational technique: If you sit down to watch the movie Star Wars it begins with, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

    The answer to your question presupposes a belief that I don’t have. Heaven and Hell don’t exist except in the mythological stories of primitive nomads. Furthermore, you have to define Heaven and Hell. Some people think hell is just a really really bad place, others define it as being separated from “god’s love”

    If you were to demand I answer the question regardless, I would go to Heaven. After all according to the typical christian dogma god already knew what I would do before I existed. It would know I wouldn’t blindly believe any old Mythological tale just like you don’t believe the Mythological tales of Muhammad. It would know I am using the rational brain it gave me and would know exactly what it would take to make me a believer. Therefore not providing that evidence is a choice that god chooses to make. I hear its a really forgiving entity, it should forgiving over its laziness.

  6. It sounds a bit trite to say it, but I really think the key is to emulate the attitude of the Bereans in Acts 17. They “searched the scriptures to see whether those things were so.” I don’t think preachers/teachers/authors should feel intimidated when members of their audience approach them with questions or challenges. I think they should feel honored and pleased. We have too many spoon-fed Christians.

    • When the “scriptures” don’t match reality, then what?

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