The Environment: Something I wish the political right would pay more attention to.

To me Global Warming is like that threat about crossing your eyes that your grandmother used to give.  If you keep doing that they will stay that way.  Of course everyone knows that this is not true but it stopped you from a socially awkward behavior.  Though the threat of global warming has been spawned from fabricated scientific research and a failed politician with too much time on his hands, it does not mean we shouldn’t be more careful when it comes to the environment.  Maybe not for reasons some have given but because it could be beneficial to the world and American economy.

As I write this nuclear waste is being released into the air in Japan.  It is has even increased the amount of radiation all the way across the globe in California.  This can’t be good.  Dumping gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  Also not good.  Nuclear power is about the cleanest energy we produce but the radiation that results from nuclear energy is extremely dangerous.  No doubt it is carefully disposed of.  The problem. there is no room for error.  Should we place humans in charge of a plant where there is no room for error?

Looking to the wind and the sun for energy, Powering cars with electricity instead of gasoline, Tax incentives to recycle;  Are these really bad ideas?

I think people on the right could join the left to find constructive ways to make the United States a world leader in green energies.  This could be beneficial to the American economy and pacify the people afraid of getting their eyes stuck if they cross them for too long.

Plus windmills are cool.  Just ask Don Quixote.

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  1. Aw, nice to be on here again. Just not sure if windmills are cost effective. Does anyone know for sure? The same with the other alternatives. Solar may be the best and that’s o.k. I”m all for something that is only a one-time purchase price. I agree whole-heartedly. If we are going to have to stay here a while, we need to find good alternatives to the traditional power sources.

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