Leading Atheist Stumped

“The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity.” -Richard Dawkins
To start a week of apologetics here at Don’t Step on a Tomato I invite you to watch Richard Dawkins “explain” the fact there is no current evidence of positive Evolutionary mutations.

Richard Dawkins is a famous atheist and author of The God Delusion.  His “explanation” to this question leaves him speechless, literally.

Check back each day this week for more videos and articles on Apologetics!


  1. Priceless! Great post. Looking forward to following this topic

    • So Ryan assuming you were telling the truth about following this, how do you feel about this interview being a 14 year old lie?

  2. So … he has to stop and think about a question before answering. Therefore, there is no answer!

  3. Another good questions is, “How do you think republishing 14 year old lies serves your cause?”


    “In September 1997, I allowed an Australian film crew into my house in Oxford without realizing that their purpose was creationist propaganda. In the course of a suspiciously amateurish interview, they issued a truculent challenge to me to “give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome.” It is the kind of question only a creationist would ask in that way, and it was at this point I tumbled to the fact that I had been duped into granting an interview to creationists — a thing I normally don’t do, for good reasons. In my anger I refused to discuss the question further, and told them to stop the camera. However, I eventually withdrew my peremptory termination of the interview as a whole. This was solely because they pleaded with me that they had come all the way from Australia specifically in order to interview me. Even if this was a considerable exaggeration, it seemed, on reflection, ungenerous to tear up the legal release form and throw them out. I therefore relented.

    My generosity was rewarded in a fashion that anyone familiar with fundamentalist tactics might have predicted. When I eventually saw the film a year later 1, I found that it had been edited to give the false impression that I was incapable of answering the question about information content 2. In fairness, this may not have been quite as intentionally deceitful as it sounds. You have to understand that these people really believe that their question cannot be answered! Pathetic as it sounds, their entire journey from Australia seems to have been a quest to film an evolutionist failing to answer it.”

    1 The producers never deigned to send me a copy: I completely forgot about it until an American colleague called it to my attention.

    2 See Barry Williams (1998): “Creationist Deception Exposed”, The Skeptic 18, 3, pp 7 – 10, for an account of how my long pause (trying to decide whether to throw them out) was made to look like hesitant inability to answer the question, followed by an apparently evasive answer to a completely different question.

    • Behold the integrity of Ben Schettler.

  4. Creationist have to lie…they have no facts to back up their assumptions.

  5. Lying for Jesus is a time honored christian tact.

  6. dsoat,

    Why so quiet on this?

    I would think an honest person would either tell us why you disagree with the controversy on how this video was obtained and how it supports your views,
    would admit they were wrong and voice their disagreement with the duplicity of this video and the lies it tries to support.

    • Lying for Jesus by ommission maybe? It’s been long enough that I think it’s a fair call for me to not visit this site again. he’s probably had enough of dogmatic, pushy Atheists telling him he’s wrong and showing him how. If you stay, best of luck around here, House Hut! I enjoyed your responses.

      • It seems this site belongs to a traveling huckster named Ben Schettler. He pops up to spam various atheist sites with advertisements. He doesn’t even feign to take part in anything just a quick spam and move on. You would think if he was truly interested in spreading the gospel He would stick around and at least try to take part in a discussion or two instead of just cut and pasting the same message haphazardly into different discussions. I guess having an audience is more important than conveying an actual message.

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