The Eternal Valentine

Too often the buzz around valentines day is the love we wish we had rather than a celebration of the love we have been overwhelmed with.  Card companies have painted an impossible picture of what love is.  The focus on Valentines Day is the euphoric and emotionally charged love that infuses tummies with butterflies and puts wings on our feet.  Despite these ideal images the fact remains that relationships are rarely as perfect as we planned them to be.

When I was first married I am sure that I let Makenzie down.  There may have been a time or two when my idiocy replaced butterflies with disappointment.  Thankfully she put up with me.  I love her for her patience.  If you are a woman many times love has far more to do with putting up with the idiot next to you than the butterflies in the tummy.  I am glad God’s love is no different.

We have been overwhelmed with an Ocean of love and the Savior patiently waits for us to dive in.  Perhaps love really is “like a hurricane” and “I am a tree bending beneath the weight of his wind of mercy”

Maybe on Valentines day you have butterflies in the tummy and wings on your feet.  (I know Bear Grylles and Church Norris don’t) Regardless of the condition of your love life thankfully we can be reminded that a life was given in love.

I celebrate love today.  Not so much the idealism of Hallamark but the reality that despite my condition I am eternally loved by the king of the universe.  And when I think about that maybe the card companies and their butterflies aren’t too far off.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I was hooked on the first paragraph. You have a way with words and their delivery. I especially like the videos. Well, O.K. back to this post. Thank you for taking the emphasis off of human physical love with all the drama and completely unreal expetations of it and getting our perspective back where it needs to be. The love of Christ. So much more than any human love could ever be and so much more able to sustain us than any human love ever could.

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