Jersey Shore, America, Seat Belts, and the Next Generation

If America is going to legislate personal decisions for the good of the individual I wish they would take into account the detrimental effects of the Jersey Shore.  Otherwise let me take my seat belt off!  The show of Mike the “situation” Shnookie, gtl, nightly drunkenness, promiscuity and essentially most things opposite the life of a Jesus follower has prominently found its way to American TV’s.  The viewership is no small “situation” having become MTV’s most watched original series.

Teenagers have commented “Jersey Shore” is the train wreck of their generation.  So terribly outrageous we can’t look away!   Is this really true?  Is it impossible to stop watching?  Are teens incapable of turning off such a show?  Don’t moral young people have a responsibility to look elsewhere?  Shouldn’t they have the character to turn away?


1.  Our government does not believe people can make positive life choices without intervention.  That is why if you drive without your seat belt you will be fined.

2.  The mythbusters begin every episode telling their audience NOT to try this at home.

3.  There is a myriad of “Adult” activities that children are legally banned from participating/watching/drinking

These are examples of a society that admits people, especially young people, are at times incapable of positive life decisions.  The fact is America as a country should not be responsible for helping our children choose.  We are responsible.  Influencing this generation is a passion of mine.  I believe far more is accomplished for America in the training of children than the legislation of Washington.  Some of the greatest things ever accomplished are happening everyday by a faithful Mom and Dad.  My prayers are with those of you who are faithfully raising children as a parent or influencing them as a teacher, pastor, coach, aunt, uncle, or mentor.


  1. Good commentary on what is on t.v. as well as the generation being brought up on it. They are being convinced by their teachers and even the courts that they are not responsible for much of anything. They are showing up in our workforce from the fast food restaurant to the control tower.

  2. The lack of responsibility is slowly killing America. I believe that it is only when Americans take personal responsibility for their actions that we can see a moral revolution. Thanks for the great post. Keep it up!

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