You could be…

Thank you to all those who have chosen to stop by and read/watch.  Don’t Step on a Tomato has grown emphatically everyday since the restart and I am grateful for the comments, emails and views.  Even a few subscribers!

Those are the ones I like the best!  (Yes of course I am pandering for subscribers.)

Just in case you don’t realize all the things you could be doing instead of reading DSOAT, I thought I would remind you.

1.  Watching LIfetime original movies.  The unforeseeable plot twists, the fantastic acting, and variety of themes.   Who can resist?

2.  Cleaning that spot between the refrigerator and the counter that is impossible to reach.  Of course if you ever take the time to get there it rewards you with old pieces of m&ms and a penny or two.  Who is throwing pennies in that crack btw?  I wonder if children treat that space like a wishing well?.

3.  Reading Perez Hilton’s blog.  Getting your fix of celebrity gossip.  Am I the only one who doesn’t really care what Justin Bieber had for breakfast or who is on the guest list of Prince William’s wedding?

4.  Going to the gym.  Read this in case you missed wednesday’s post.

5.  Just about anything.  So I thank you for your visits and look with anticipation towards your opinions in the future.

Feel free to add to this list of things you could be doing in the comments:

In addition I changed the Tomato Stepping? page.  It was 3 years old and it seemed lame.

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