Leading Atheist Stumped

“The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity.” -Richard Dawkins
To start a week of apologetics here at Don’t Step on a Tomato I invite you to watch Richard Dawkins “explain” the fact there is no current evidence of positive Evolutionary mutations.

Richard Dawkins is a famous atheist and author of The God Delusion.  His “explanation” to this question leaves him speechless, literally.

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Apologetics Week on DSOAT

This past Sunday I was privileged to hear my former boss, Dan Burrell, preach.  Beyond a personal friend and mentor Dan is a thinking Christ-follower who is passionate and gifted at impacting this generation with a world view that is Biblical.  There are few people who have enriched my life the way Dan has.  He is a teacher, preacher, administrator, mentor, and educator who has had a fruitful ministry as a Father, Pastor, and Professor.  It’s difficult to succeed at just one of these and Dan has been outstanding at all of them.  You can visit Dan’s blog at www.danburrell.com I am excited for Dan as he has recently accepted a position as the executive pastor at Life Fellowship Church.

Life Fellowship’s Senior pastor Dr. Bobby Conway is known as the one minute apologist.  He has a you tube channel and some graphically cool videos on apologetics.  Not sure he has the one minute thing down yet but the graphics are sweet!  Having visited Life Fellowship I was inspired to spend a week of blog articles dedicated to apologetics.

I invite you to stick around for videos and articles on apologetics and to watch some of Dr. Conway’s videos here.

Beyond Comfort by Faith

There are those days that getting out of bed is about the last thing I want to do.  If you’ve ever had a day like that perhaps you  can relate to this video.  

MTSU-Valentine’s Day Shooting

I was at Middle Tennessee State University during a shooting.  I was the first person on the scene with a video camera!

Eight Second Project

I asked a group of college guys if they had eight seconds to tell the world one thing what would they say?

The Eternal Valentine

Too often the buzz around valentines day is the love we wish we had rather than a celebration of the love we have been overwhelmed with.  Card companies have painted an impossible picture of what love is.  The focus on Valentines Day is the euphoric and emotionally charged love that infuses tummies with butterflies and puts wings on our feet.  Despite these ideal images the fact remains that relationships are rarely as perfect as we planned them to be.

When I was first married I am sure that I let Makenzie down.  There may have been a time or two when my idiocy replaced butterflies with disappointment.  Thankfully she put up with me.  I love her for her patience.  If you are a woman many times love has far more to do with putting up with the idiot next to you than the butterflies in the tummy.  I am glad God’s love is no different.

We have been overwhelmed with an Ocean of love and the Savior patiently waits for us to dive in.  Perhaps love really is “like a hurricane” and “I am a tree bending beneath the weight of his wind of mercy”

Maybe on Valentines day you have butterflies in the tummy and wings on your feet.  (I know Bear Grylles and Church Norris don’t) Regardless of the condition of your love life thankfully we can be reminded that a life was given in love.

I celebrate love today.  Not so much the idealism of Hallamark but the reality that despite my condition I am eternally loved by the king of the universe.  And when I think about that maybe the card companies and their butterflies aren’t too far off.

Jersey Shore, America, Seat Belts, and the Next Generation

If America is going to legislate personal decisions for the good of the individual I wish they would take into account the detrimental effects of the Jersey Shore.  Otherwise let me take my seat belt off!  The show of Mike the “situation” Shnookie, gtl, nightly drunkenness, promiscuity and essentially most things opposite the life of a Jesus follower has prominently found its way to American TV’s.  The viewership is no small “situation” having become MTV’s most watched original series.

Teenagers have commented “Jersey Shore” is the train wreck of their generation.  So terribly outrageous we can’t look away!   Is this really true?  Is it impossible to stop watching?  Are teens incapable of turning off such a show?  Don’t moral young people have a responsibility to look elsewhere?  Shouldn’t they have the character to turn away?


1.  Our government does not believe people can make positive life choices without intervention.  That is why if you drive without your seat belt you will be fined.

2.  The mythbusters begin every episode telling their audience NOT to try this at home.

3.  There is a myriad of “Adult” activities that children are legally banned from participating/watching/drinking

These are examples of a society that admits people, especially young people, are at times incapable of positive life decisions.  The fact is America as a country should not be responsible for helping our children choose.  We are responsible.  Influencing this generation is a passion of mine.  I believe far more is accomplished for America in the training of children than the legislation of Washington.  Some of the greatest things ever accomplished are happening everyday by a faithful Mom and Dad.  My prayers are with those of you who are faithfully raising children as a parent or influencing them as a teacher, pastor, coach, aunt, uncle, or mentor.