Epic Knowledge

Understanding God in our fallen state is like trying to…Piece together a rubix cube when you’re color blind or

2.  Climb Everest without arms

3.   Examine the ocean with a rubber raft and a magnifying glass

4.  Run a marathon without legs

5.  Drive without a steering wheel, brakes, and the gas pedal

6.  Text with no fingers or toes or elbows

7.  Doing your taxes (for me I don’t need to add anything to that one)

That is why when Paul pens to the Ephesian church that they “may be able to COMPREHEND with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height and to KNOW the love of Christ which passeth knowledge…”

It is Epic.


Ephesians 3:17-18


  1. So thankful we’re only expected to trust in him, not to fully understand. Hence the warning: My ways are not your ways. Sometimes I marvel at how can he possibly love me? Yet, I don’t doubt that he does.

  2. Love it. I’ll have to use this in our Young Adult Sunday School when we hit the doctrine of sin.

  3. “Understanding God in our fallen state is like trying to…Piece together a rubix cube when you’re color blind or”

    If god then cuthullu
    If you can’t understand god, how do you know that it’s actions are good?

    • Of course you can reject the premise of the verse. But the verse is saying that Jesus made it possible to know God in unimaginable ways. There are many things I can not fully understand. But the more I understand about God, His love and, His purpose I am glad I know Him. And I want to know Him even more.

      • Circular reasoning so soon. 😦

  4. So your idea that you want pushed onto society is admittedly beyond the ability to comprehend. Therefore it can never be illuminating, but instead that which obscures knowledge.

    • You have two incorrect assumptions here.

      1. You are assuming that everything with time and study can and should be explained and understood. God and His dealings with man will never be fully understood. The Inception of the universe can not be explained by science or with logic and science will have to travel to the beginning of time to observe how it all happened to give an accurate explanation. The only difference here is I am openly admitting faith is required to understand the world. I think an atheist who says it does not take faith to believe the inception of the universe is lying to himself/herself.

      2. You have assumed that I want to push my ideas on others. I have no interest in pushing. Educating people about the truth and hoping they will accept the truth is not pushing. Unfortunately Religion has been “pushed” on people throughout history but that does not mean that the majority of people want to force other people to convert. Atheism is being “pushed” on students in pubic schools across America. There is no alternative explanation being provided for the inception of the universe and they are not being given a choice. Right now in America an atheistic worldview is the world view that is being “pushed”

      Not every religious person wants to push. And not every Atheist refrains from pushing.

      • “You have assumed that I want to push my ideas on others. ”

        Well you were the one that visited atheist blogs and spammed them with a message from this site. When we followed you here and questioned you about the “Truth” you were trying to educate people about you are suddenly silent.

        If your truth has to hide in dark corners and cannot withstand the light of questioning we have to wonder if maybe you are using the wrong word.

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