Is the Gym like Iraq?

You can try to dress it up but the gym is a big box full of sweaty people, wearing sweaty clothes, on sweaty machines, that are on sweaty carpet all facing sweaty walls that are holding in the sweaty air. And this place is supposed to improve my health?  Why not stick my nose at the end of the car exhaust inhale and get it over with?

The gym: I will be going the rest of this week if I can stomach it. Good luck to me.

As I pump iron I noticed these ridiculous pictures of people I have no desire to look like. I am just trying to get a little tone and stave off obesity. Meanwhile I am looking at super muscle woman whose biceps are larger than my calf muscles. Sweaty still surrounds me.

If the gym were a country I am sure it would be Iraq. It makes people sweat, women are given separate areas from men, and there is always that guy with the mustache that thinks he runs the place. (yes I realize that Sadaam no longer runs Iraq but that still hasn’t changed the mustache guy at the gym.)

To those of you that have resolved to keep the “temple” in better shape in 2011 my thoughts are with you.


  1. Made me laugh 🙂

  2. Agreed. If the gym were a country, it would be Iraq. I feel sweatier having read this now.

  3. That’s exactly why I don’t go to the gym! it’s not because I’m lazy or don’t take the time, it’s because of the women who scare me there. 🙂

    • LOL That’s great. Maybe that wasn’t a GUY with a mustache perhaps…

      Thanks for your thought and welcome.

  4. What’s this about keeping men and women in separate areas? Not at our gym…although I’ll admit I only go over into what I call the big boy room if I’m feeling extra brave. Ahh ok, you are spot on with this. 🙂
    (And its dumping snow, so bodypump is going to be cancelled tonight- that makes me SAD!)

    • Not a gym goer but the gym I am going to has a separate area for ladies. I asked Makenzie who has been to a lot of gyms. She said it wasn’t uncommon to have a separate area for ladies to work out in if they choose. I know ladies only gyms are popular as well.

      I should add you have to have a special pass to get in and there are a lot intimidating men huddled in corners albeit with weights instead of guns.

      Thanks for commenting Rachel. Hope we run into you again soon. Cava on us this time!

  5. That’s good, Ben. I love it! If only gyms could figure out a way to get rid of that wonderful gym smell.

  6. I can’t help but laugh at the guys who are so built they cannot put their arms down to their sides, and then the smaller guys strut, puffed up, pretending to have the same problem. lol

    I went with my wife to the gym not long ago. Not my choosing but she wanted to go and don’t like going by herself.

    After some cardio, I thought I would lift some weights. I am not much of a weightlifter. Shooting for tone and not bulk, I was going for reps and not using much weight.

    While trying to work all the stations I was waiting on a massive building of a man who was ahead of me on every machine. He would lift the max setting on every machine. I was trying to make general conversation with him and he was not interested, he was all business. We come to the Standing Lateral Pull Down machine with the single bar, and again he takes the pin and puts it to the bottom. He does about five pulls at max weight and then he steps off. With him still standing there I go for the bar, without changing the setting, I bear hug the bar, cable and all, and pull down on it with feet coming off the ground until I wrestle it down to waste level. Then as I start to go back up, it lifts me off my feet and the weights slam to the bottom. I looked at him and said with a grunt “Good work out”, while pumping my arms in front of me. He just shook his head and went to the next machine. My wife, having seen it all, told me next time she will come alone. lol

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