Am I the only one surprised that it is currently fashionable to wear jeans with holes in them? I find myself unusually fixated with the idea that society has accepted this absurd notion of fashion. Could we get a more real life example of the children’s tale “The emperor’s new clothes”?
Really!? Holes in the clothing before you ever wear them? Clothes you buy new but look old? It’s not that I have a moral objection to them. There were people in the Bible with holes in their clothes. Just remember they were poor people. Yeah that’s right, Poor. I went there. In the ultimate quest for fashionable originality we have reduced ourselves to the appearance of poverty. We all look cool but we all look poor.
Do I have a pair of these jeans with holes? Absolutely! I have several and I am wearing a pair as I write this. I like jeans with holes in them. I won’t in 3 years. At that time I will be wearing tight jeans reflecting on how ridiculous the holes in these jeans were. The holey jeans will be as ridiculous as the baggy jeans that were so popular in the 90’s. Because let’s be honest holes are out and tight jeans are in. AAAHHG! It’s tough to keep up.

Fashion changes. Styles change. And unfortunately I feel the current generation is all too familiar with this change. You can’t keep a computer, pair of jeans, or shoes for more than a few years. Updating is constantly with us. My fear is that we are too quick to update our religion as well.
I find an incessant need within some members of the church to be at the cutting edge of the newest and coolest movement, wave, or modern thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they are searching. I’m just afraid for some that Jesus is not enough. He needs a side of whatever-is-cool-right-now.
I believe in change. Progress demands us to change. But are all these new ideas progress in the church? Or is it new for the sake of new? (or perhaps new for the sake of selling a book or album) Are we so used to changing the style in our jeans that we have to spice up our God too? Hey, I’m just asking. While progress may dictate change the message of Jesus needs neither progress nor change. It cannot be improved upon. It won’t get more exciting and it cannot be more relevant.
I hope that your search for Jesus continues with sincerity, relevance, and novelty. But if your theology changes for the same reasons as your jeans I suspect sooner or later you will find some holes.



  1. wow, you wrote something!

    I think I subscribed 3 years ago and this is the first thing that showed up.

    and was it ever worth the wait. Good article

  2. I’m so glad you’re writing, Ben! I LOVED this post.

    It’s so true. I work a little with college kids now, and it seems that we twenty-somethings are so quick to be caught up in waves and movements. But, I wonder how many of us have a truly intimate relationship with Jesus which is the foundation for–well–everything.

  3. Well stated Ben.

    I have heard it said of our church something like; I like the preaching, the people were nice, but the music was boring and everyone was dressed too nice.” So they go to the local “happening church” because the music is modern and familiar to whats on the rock station, and you can come dressed like a bum and nobody cares. What really draws the youth to the current trendy church is a mind set of entertainment and low expectations.

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