I’m Keep’n the Cheesy Ba Weezy


It was right before I boarded the plane for my senior trip that Kenny came up to me and said the strangest thing.  “Hey man if any one asks, the word on the street is I’m keep’n the cheesy ba weezy.”  He made me repeat the phrase before he walked away.  “ I’m keeping the cheesy ba weezy.”

Our group of about 75 boarded the plane with the other passengers.  The captain came on over the loud speaker, announced the usual boring stuff and then he said, “does any one on this plane know what the word on the street is?”  A chorus of about 75 voices in unison all yelled,  “I’m keep’n the cheesy ba weezy.”  That was followed by an eruption of laughter. 

Without any of us knowing, Kenny had prepared us to say, “I’m keeping the cheesy ba weezy.”    The rest of the people on the plane must have thought we were crazy.  We were crazy,  Crazy funny.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard.  The rest of the trip Kenny would try to get any person he could find with a loud speaker to ask our group what the word on the street was. 

To this day I have no idea what “Keep’n the cheesy ba weezy” means but, we sure were ready to say it. 

I think in much the same way Christ wants us to be ready at a moments notice to declare his message.  No offence to Kenny but that was about the stupidest phrase I have ever heard.  Christ’s message isn’t crazy or stupid.  It is the hope of the world.  It amazes me how ready I was to say a silly phrase but, how reluctant I can be to share Christ. 

 You may not be “keep’n the cheesy ba weesy”  but I hope that you are sharing the message of Christ’s love.