What in the world is eudaimonic?


Richard J. Davidson, PhD has discovered that, “Eudaimonic well being is much more robust and satisfying than hedonic happiness, and it engages different parts of the brain,” Like me you may be asking what in the world does all that mean?  The Eudaimonic term refers to happiness that results from life pursuits.  While hedonic happiness refers to a state of happiness that is a result of atmosphere or circumstances.   What Dr. Davidson is saying is that the most fulfilling happiness comes from life pursuits.  Although happiness may come from someone giving us a gift or going to an enjoyable place, the most fulfilling happiness comes when our lives accomplish something of value.  

This is not surprising in light of what we know to be true from the Bible.  God has created each of us for a purpose.  When we pursue the purpose God has for us than we are able to understand what true joy is all about.  In the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon summarizes this thought by saying that God has showed us what is good: do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.   

Are you pursuing what God has for you?  



  1. Well said,….yes, I am pursuing the God of all creation….and it is a life long journey…one step at a time….with the intent to know HIM in truth….Fear His Holy Name…and serve Him with my life…..may He be glorified in me….

    Psalm 145: 17-21
    in HIM,

  2. Hey, you alluded to Hedonism! Great Job.


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