When flying really counts.




Success is not defined by immediate circumstances.  I may look at my life today  and say “Wow! I am so the man.  I have good looks, I am rich, I have tons of friends.  (Or I could tell the truth.)  If I have a bad day I could look at what is happening around me and say,  “Oh no! I have a worthless miserable life.” 

There is a problem with this.  As a follower of Christ my rewards are eternal not temporal.  If I take a look at my life in this world it may not be great but when it comes to eternity I will be rewarded for my efforts.  On the other hand my immediate circumstances could be great.  But what I am accomplishing for eternity is nothing. 

Take a look at the picture.  (click on it to see the whole thing.  Trust me it is awesome.)This guy may have caught a lot of air however in a few seconds he is not going to be feeling too great.  You could look at his immediate circumstances and say, “he is flying.  I wish I could fly.”  You may want to fly like him but, I can assure you you won’t want to land like him.   Proverbs says beware of the destruction of the wicked when it cometh. 

Serving Christ really is worth it even if it doesn’t feel fun right now.  It may be easy to sell out to something that would bring “immediate flight.”  Don’t take a short cut.  This is not to say that life in Christ is miserable.  Just remember that challenges come but, if we don’t give up we will reap eternal rewards. 

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