Trashcan or Candle?

Meditation:  Philippians  1:14-18

The Story:  Are you a trashcan or a candle?    Makenzie and I have a place in the Tampa Bay area.  I remember us returning home after a trip and finding that our apartment did not smell very good.  (Who am I kidding the place stunk like rotten garbage) I immediately realized that before we had left I had forgotten to take out the trash.  The smell from the trashcan had stink bombed the entire apartment.  It was one terrible Florida Funk.

On the other hand (far more often than the first) I have come home to a house that smells wonderful.  Makenzie has lit a scented candle and the aroma has spread through the entire house.  Yankee Candles, is there a better smelling candle?  Maybe Yankees are good for something.  At least their candles are. 

The Step:  So again I ask you are you a candle or a trashcan?   What “smell” does your life give off? The smell that draws others to Christ or is your life one big stink bomb?  Are people repulsed by Christ because of your testimony?   Be a positive influence for the kingdom you never know how far your scent is reaching.

05-50-78 - Candle, Viewed 70 times                                  

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