Toothbrush and V. 9-10


Read:  Philippians 1:1-30

Meditation:  Philippians 1:10-13

Quote of the Day:  “Approve things that are excellent!” 

The Story: When I got up this morning I brushed my teeth.  (Thank you but no applause is necessary.)  When I was a little kid the process of brushing my teeth was an annoying waste of time.  In fact you could pretty much count on the fact that unless my mom gave me a, “Ben did you brush your teeth? or a “Go brush your teeth right now!”  that my teeth would be unclean.  Most little kids have this problem.  Because they are immature, they don’t see the physical or even the social value of clean teeth.  Hopefully as you grow and mature you are able to understand how important the toothbrush is.  You can approve of that “excellent thing.” 

The Step:  How about spiritual maturity?  Do you always have to be harassed by a parent or authority figure to do things that you should already be doing as a Christian?  Things like reading your Bible, going to church or following Christ should be a natural part of your life.  Maybe its time start brushing your spiritual teeth on your own.  “Approve things that are excellent.”

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